Sunday, June 1, 2008

Joe Clark's Doppelganger

I like Joe Clark. He came to my hometown to speak during the 1984 federal election campaign. I know this may sound hard to believe, but he gave one of the most rousing political speeches that I've ever heard. The Progressive Conservative candidate in our riding won in a landslide.

Following my graduation from McGill in 1988, I spent the summer working for what was then known as the Department of External Affairs. Joe Clark was then the Minister of External Affairs and, at the end of the summer, invited the Department's summer interns to his offices in the East Block of the Parliament Buildings. He was a pretty funny guy and we all really enjoyed meeting him. Each intern then had his or her photo taken with Joe. It's not every day that you get your photo taken with a famous politician and the photo of me with Joe is framed and on prominent display in our living room.

I was very pleased to read about the unveiling of Joe's formal portrait to be hung in the House of Commons. Here's a photo of Joe at the ceremony:

Looking at Joe, I realized that he looked a lot like somebody that I'd been seeing a lot of lately. I furrowed my brow, doing a mental inventory of everyone that I'd been in recent contact with. I just couldn't place who he reminded me of.

Several days later, it all became clear. Joe Clark's doppelganger is Hillary Clinton! Check out this photo of Hillary:

It's not just their chins and jowls that match. Check out their noses. They're identical! Eerie....

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Anonymous said...

Please post the picture of you and Joe.