Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Where Is Canada's Next Supermodel?

My wife subscribes to Vanity Fair. This month's edition features Gisele Bundchen on the cover. I realize that I'm going to surprise a lot of people by saying this, but I don't think she's really that hot. Check out her cover shot:

Although the makeup and airbrushing magicians have managed to deal with the issue here, I'm always struck by how "manish" Gisele's face looks. I know that sounds mean, but if you're going to be held out as the top supermodel in the world, you have to expect a few dissenting opinions....

Who do I think is the hottest supermodel on earth? That's an easy one. Here's my pick, Bar Refaeli, on the front page of the Sports Illustrated website:

Isn't she awesome! In addition to being physically perfect in pretty much every way, she also has an incredibly alluring Israeli accent. All in all, Bar looks and sounds like a sexy super spy from a classic James Bond movie! Here's another shot of Bar in all her swimsuit glory:

Mercy. See what I mean about Gisele looking like a man?

So, where's Canada's next supermodel? The last widely-recognized Canadian supermodel that I can think of is Linda Evangelsita. Guess what? She was born in 1965. She's older than me! Let's go Canada. Show us what you got!

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