Saturday, May 3, 2008

Hortons Hears A "Boooooo"

My wife is as patriotic an American as there is. With her, it's pretty much "my country right or wrong," with one exception--donut holes. My wife absolutely LOVES Timbits. I remember well the first time that she ever tried them. It was July 2004 at a Tim Hortons not too far from the Parliament Buildings in Ottawa. As soon as she took her first bite of a succulent, sugar powder-dusted Timbit she was hooked. For the remaining ten days of our vacation in Canada, frequenting the nearest Tim Hortons became a daily obsession.

My wife thought I was kidding a few years ago when I reported that I had read that Tim Hortons was expanding to the U.S. "This is great!" she cried. "How soon 'til they get here? Those 'Munchkin' things at Dunkin' Donuts are a lame rip off."

I seem to remember Tim Hortons setting some ambitious timeline to "take the United States by storm." Of course, it never happened--yet one more Canadian business getting its ass handed to it in the U.S. market. Yep, just another statistic. Move along, nothing to see here.... Over time, my wife gave up all hope of ever having a local Tim Hortons to call her own.

It seems, though, that my wife's despair may have been premature. According to an article by The Financial Post's Hollie Shaw, Tim Hortons has undergone a "management shake up" (you can check out the article here: Let's hope that the new management team can get things back on track. They've got a killer product to work with. All they need to do is get the execution right!

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