Monday, August 18, 2008

"Cheap And Italian"--A Bad Combination

In my June 1, 2008 post where I pointed out how much Joe Clark and Hillary Clinton look alike (and they DO--check out the pictures of the two of them on my June 1 post and tell me that they're not freakin' twins separated at birth!) I mentioned that I had a photo of me standing with Joe. An anonymous commenter requested that I post the photo. Always eager to please the readership, I'm happy to oblige:

The day after I received the photo back in early August 1988 (twenty years ago!), I showed it to all of my much older co-workers in my unit at the Department of External Affairs. The economic desk officer for Cuba burst out laughing when he saw it. "Look at Joe's suit!" he chortled. "It's cheap. And Italian. That's a bad combination!"

Sartorial commentary aside, it's not every day that you get to have your photo taken with a former Prime Minister. The photo of me and Joe is on prominent display in our living room.

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