Friday, August 8, 2008

Louis Ramey's Canadian Connection

I was extremely disappointed with the season finale of NBC's Last Comic Standing that aired last night. I was absolutely dumbfounded when Louis Ramey was the first of the five finalists asked to leave the show. I'd never been a fan of Last Comic Standing before this season. About a month ago, I caught part of one of Louis Ramey's acts and found myself in hysterics. The guy is HILARIOUS! From that point forward, Last Comic Standing was "must see TV" for me.

Wanting more Louis Ramey, I did a quick search on Youtube to see if any of his performances were posted. There were a few, including a performance he gave in Toronto! Check out the first few minutes of his show at Massey Hall here:

Louis Ramey deserved to win Last Comic Standing. If they know what they're doing, one of the networks will offer him a development deal. We need more Louis Ramey!

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madreefer said...

You are so right! Louis Ramey was clearing the funniest and most talented on stage. He had the best material and did not have to rely on a tight shirt or bouncing around to present it with dead-on timing. More Louis Ramey, please.