Thursday, January 3, 2008

NFL vs. CFL? No Need To Choose.

I'm a huge fan of the New York Giants and am counting down the seconds until their first round playoff game against Tampa Bay on Sunday. In honor of the Giants, this one time only, I'm writing in blue. The colors of this post should now match the red, gray and blue of the Giants' uniforms. Go Giants!

All the hoopla surrounding the first round of the NFL playoffs has got me thinking about the whole NFL vs. CFL debate. It seems to me that it's becoming increasingly fashionable for Canadians (especially Central Canadians, especially Torontonians--you know who you are) to dump all over the CFL. Knock it off! The CFL and the Grey Cup are longstanding Canadian institutions that should be embraced. Sometimes I think Americans look more favorably on the CFL than Canadians do. Even the most casual NFL fan down here knows that guys like Joe Theisman, Warren Moon and Doug Flutie got their big breaks in the CFL.

Actually, there's one more name that can be added to the list: Jeff Garcia, the quarterback slated to start for Tampa Bay on Sunday! As someone who thinks that the CFL deserves a lot more respect, I hope Jeff Garcia has a great game on Sunday. That having been said, I hope his teammates all have the worst game of their lives and get trounced, thrashed and totally owned by the Giants!

Let's go Giants!!!!!! All the way, baby!!!!!!

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