Thursday, September 4, 2008

Canadians In The NFL

The NFL regular season kicks off tonight when the SUPER BOWL CHAMPION NEW YORK GIANTS--let's just say that again, shall we--SUPER BOWL CHAMPION NEW YORK GIANTS take on the Washington Redskins. It's been a long wait and I'm ecstatic that the action is back!

Have you wondered how many Canadians will be playing for NFL teams at the start of the season? I wanted to find out and, in less than a minute of on-line research, I came across a fantastically helpful website: According to that website, fourteen Canadians have survived training camps. Twelve will be on active rosters and two will be on practice squads. You can check the article out here:

I was surprised by one of the names on the list of Canadians. Who knew that Shaun Suisham, the placekicker for the Washington Redskins, is from Canada? I sure didn't. Here's Shaun doing his thing:

Shaun is from a place called Wallaceburg, Ontario. Although I lived in Toronto for nine years, I've never heard of the place. A little more research revealed that the town is named after William Wallace, the Scottish rebel portrayed by Mel Gibson in the movie Braveheart (for more on Wallaceburg, check out,_Ontario). You gotta love a town named after that guy! Freeeeeeeeeeedommm!!!

Anyway, I hope Shaun Suisham has a great game tonight. In fact, I hope he kicks ten field goals, accounting for all of Washington's points provided that the Giants score at least thirty-one points, of course! Go Giants!

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